Error #2032: Stream Error.

Error #2032: Stream Error.

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This error appears to occur when the url or file is blocked or not found by HTTPService call. For me, this error appeared when I had typed in the incorrect url in the HTTPService url property. Specifying the correct URL fixed it. To check this you can check your URL for typos or try to access the URL outside of your app to make sure it is there. Use Service Capture, Charles or Firebug to inspect the response from the server. If the file is not found the server still sends a response back (html or xhtml (xml)). Note: Additional tips and use cases are mentioned in the comments.

This error is also caused by a swf trying to access a file across a restricted domain. It’s not going to get the file if it is not allowed to access it. This behavior then generates the error. The fix in is to add a cross-domain policy file to the domain where the page is located at. The cross-domain file must specify that your domain (or any other domains) can access that URL. You can also use a proxy on your server to get the file (I have heard that there are issues with this approach with caching in certain situations).

Another cause for this error in certain browsers is caching. Use JabbyPanda’s technique to prevent caching in IE6 or set the response headers in your server side page to prevent caching.

A note from Mike Chambers:
If you run into this using URLLoader, listen for the:

and in AIR :

It should give you some more information (such as the status code being returned from the server).

Please reply in the comments below if this helped you or not. You can also use the Error Lookup Tool to look up Flex compiler or runtime errors. more info…

Error #2032: Stream Error.

302 thoughts on “Error #2032: Stream Error.

  1. Sjaak says:

    i get the error when i try to watch a movie 0_o
    i can get on the site but when i click the movie this error shows up
    tell me how 2 fix this plz??


      1. shivabasayya says:


        This error is a result of missing run-time library files.
        If you run the application from builder, u wont get this error, as u have already added all the required library file at once. But when it comes to running from the website, the application wont be able to get the required run-time library files, hens the Error #2032.

        Hope this helps.


  2. shrey tiwari says:

    when i click on the link to watch a movie the link opens bt the video doesnt work..! i have uninstalled and then re installed flash player bt still it doesnt work..:(!
    i have a cable internet connection,it is provieded by a local operator in my area..are they doing this?
    please reply


  3. João Batista says:

    Quando aperto o play para ouvir a musica no 4Shared, aparece uma tarja preta escrita ERROR #2032… Como resolver este problema?


  4. Parag says:

    I am getting the stream error #2032; I am connecting to mysql using php and retrieving data to XML file and getting the value in flash. OK this was not working on my localhost.

    But when i turned off firewall the thing started working on localhost.

    Now when I uploaded the thing online. it again had same problem. Icouldn’t retrieve values using flash-php from database. now after doing Lil searches I came to know it should be adobe Flash cross domain policy problem. But couldn’t get exact settings/configuration has to be done. Will be working on it again tonight. and will you all update. If anyone succeeds to solve the problem, please do post the solution. lot of peoples are hunting for the solution.


  5. Parag says:

    I am getting the stream error #2032; I am connecting to mysql using php and retrieving data to XML file and getting the value in flash. OK this was not working on my localhost.

    But when i turned off firewall the thing started working on localhost.

    Now when I uploaded the thing online. it again had same problem. Icouldn’t retrieve values using flash-php from database. now after doing Lil searches I came to know it should be adobe Flash cross domain policy problem. But couldn’t get exact settings/configuration has to be done. Will be working on it again tonight. and will you all update. If anyone succeeds to solve the problem, please do post the solution. lot of peoples are hunting for the solution.

    check these links for now


  6. Nirav says:

    I got this error when my download was of size 581 MB!! As per the AS documentation, defaultFileName:String=null):void
    allows maximum of 100 MB. But I guess it is more than that as it worked for 133MB!


  7. Michael Ty Chan says:

    I believe the reason for this is the server serving the file for the URLLoader is too busy or could not serve the requested URL. Either the server is too busy or there is an IO blocking that is happening when there are too many IOs happening either via file system or thru the HTTP service.

    Hope this helps.


  8. Ben Dinh says:

    I got this error when my Flex app sends an unsupport content type, “application/xml” instead of “text/xml”, to the web service.


    1. Tom says:

      I too ran into this problem… Spent 2 days trying to figure out why I couldn’t load a simple XML file into my app. on a new local server. Turned out to be the IIS server was set up by default to not accept “contentType=”application/xml”;” so I changed the content type to contentType=”text/xml”; and all is well.

      Hope this solution helps others in the future.


  9. pix303 says:

    In case the web service’s response is large in terms of KB and you have to change the timeout the property requestTimeout of WebService class seems don’t affect the timeout. Using URLRequestDefaults.idleTimeout prevent the 2023 Error.


  10. i was having the same issue (Error #2038: File I/O Error. URL) and couldn’t solve it with any of the posted solutions in this thread, and by accident i deleted the .htaccess file from the server, and it worked!. please note that the .htaccess file also had user/password restrictions on it

    i hope this helps someone


  11. Amer Dababneh says:

    I had the same error. the app was working fine on the desktop but when i tried to debug it in the mobile it was returning the #2032 error. I added some headers to my HTTPService for Content-Length and contentType but after I removed it the app worked fine.


  12. ace miel says:

    We have this error on a Flex 3 app that gets its data from a database located in the US. During early hours of the morning, we do not get this error but when it is already daytime and people are already using the app, we usually encounter this error. Could this be a hint that the error is server-related? Or could it be that there is a pre-set limit to flash for accepting data streams that a big set of data triggers it?



  13. Chinmay Padhi says:

    I am facing the #2032 Error while running the Dashboard in portal developed using SAP Netweaver BW connection.

    Following Error comes for 4-5 times then #2032 error comes

    Error:”Cannot Access External Data”
    { The BICS Remote web Service could not process your request.Open a CSN message on component BW-BEX-ET-XC and attach the technical details of the error from the following link:
    http://sgsgsav0s2006:5000/bicsremotedebug?geterrorticket=KSF-1324043982210(this link changes each time the error pops up}
    This error will popup and then the dashboard randomly displays data for some queries and for some it does not pull data.

    This happens even for 4 queries.

    Please reply soon,so that we can proceed.



  14. Sanjay says:

    I found the solution in site and it worked for me Thanks

    Steps to update mime type in IIS:

    1. Open up IIS

    2. Move to website folder

    3. Right click on web site folder/virtual directory and open properties

    4. Open up HTTP Headers and click on button at bottom in the tab “File Type”

    5. Click “New Type”

    6. Enter ‘.swz’ without quotes in Associations Extension and ‘application/x-shockwave-flash‘ without qoutes in Content type (MIME). Click ok and and you are ready to go.


  15. Alex C says:

    @Chinmay: Try running WireShark to sniff the HTTP packets; this can help track down issues more easily. Instructions are elsewhere on this blog.


  16. Ok, after some hours of pain stacking search I found something that seems works for me.

    generally speaking, all you need to do is to listen to the HTTPStatusEvent.HTTP_STATUS Event


    public function doRequest(url:String = ""):void {
    	var fileRequest:URLRequest = new URLRequest(url);
    	var myLoader:URLLoader = new URLLoader();
    	myLoader.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, onLoaderReady);
    	myLoader.addEventListener(HTTPStatusEvent.HTTP_STATUS, function(evt:Object):void{handleError(evt,"HTTPStatusEvent.HTTP_STATUS");});
    	myLoader.addEventListener(IOErrorEvent.IO_ERROR, function(evt:Object):void{handleError(evt,"IOErrorEvent.IO_ERROR");});
    	myLoader.addEventListener(SecurityErrorEvent.SECURITY_ERROR, function(evt:Object):void{handleError(evt,"SecurityErrorEvent.SECURITY_ERROR");});
    private function handleError(evt:Object , listinerType:String = "Anonymus"):void{
    	trace('handleError listinerType '+listinerType+'nError: '+evt);

    some background:
    the bug i was having : Every thing works in windows based systems for all browsers with flash player 10 or above; But when the game is loaded in a Linux environment, (and this also includes Mac computers) the game does not load and user is presented with a label on top the preloader which says “Error #2032” .

    as far as i can guess this issue is the result of the different behavior of flash virtual machine implementation on different platforms especially when it comes to dealing with httpStatus codes.

    the solution in this case is rather lazy, as i haven’t really solved any of the underlining reasons but only a symptom, that is the ErrorEvent propagates upwards from where it was originally dispatched to the top most layer of the App where it hits the User.

    after catching the HttpStatusEvent – ErrorEvent you may do nothing or attempt a recovery suitable to your particular App circumstance

    Best Regards & Thank you All for the help shared in this forum


  17. I had somewhat the same problem here but with a Flash (Web – Flex 4.1 SDK) application.
    after trying out a huge assortment of solutions we narrowed we finally came up with one that works pretty reliably for all systems, including newly installed machines.

    **A**. add global event listeners at the root (or stage) of the application, on flex preinitialize stage.


    if an error is cought – `event.preventDefault();`

    **B**. add event listeners on every loader used in the App for the following errors:


    *to attempt recovery, like falling back to an external interface call…

    **C**. place all the SWZ files from the bin-release folder together with the SWF file in the same path on the server you use to deliver your App.
    in my case these are the files needed:



    * to discover this i used Chrome developer console to see which errors occur on the page and discovered a chain of 404s when the app tries to download these files.

    **D**. have a properly configured crossdomain.xml policy file which includes the allow http request xml tag.

    replace the * as needed in your particular case.



  18. I had this error when using Flash Builder with a Flash Professional project. The code ran fine from FP, but not FB. Turns out FB creates a bin-debug folder where it outputs your swf and html, but it doesn’t copy your XML/other externals there. You can fix this by either copying your externals yourself or changing the project properties to point at the project root instead of the bin-debug folder.


  19. Shubhra Bhushan says:

    We were facing the same problem in our app. Following is how we solved it. You guys can see this link ( ) as well for the same.
    In our organization’s corporate network we use automatic configuration script. That script was selectively allowing mozilla’s (and in some cases Chrome and IE as well) access to our app. Why was it doing that we have no idea. But when I sat yesterday evening thinking about all those ideas we tried solving this I realized that the response of very first xml loading never comes which means that something stops it. As keeping a crossdomain.xml had not worked as well so I checked the proxy settings in my Laptop and unchecked Internet options -> Connections -> LAN Settings -> Use automatic configuration script in IE and it started working fine. Then i did the same on all machines I knew where app was not working mysteriously and this solution worked everywhere 🙂 I had a chat with out IT team and they do not have much problem in unchecking this coz it is used for accessing internal portal’s redirect.


  20. can any one help me how to solve error#2032. it was working find couple weeks ago,except for today, i watched for couple movies and then the ERROR#2032 popped up. now i cant watch anymore. anyone has any clues.


    1. Judah says:

      Hi Kevin, did you install an ad blocker? Also, do you have the Flash Player developer version installed? If you click Dismiss button when you saw that error you may have halted the movie player from continuing (despite the error). You will have to reload the page and if you see the error again click the Continue button. If it continues to be an issue and you have no ad blockers installed contact the owner of the site and let them know you’re getting an error. BUT it may not be their fault. If the Flash Player can’t find a file, and in this case it may be an ad on another server, then the error appears. Sometimes they can check for this scenario and prevent the error. If the site player is really old they may not be able to handle it but I doubt that is the case. You can also install the Flash Player general release version. This does not show error messages (IIRC) but that was a long time ago and I’m not sure if it’s universal behavior across all the browsers.


  21. Asalle Kim says:

    I got this error trying to watch my 360* panorama (made by SaladoPlayer, I was opening the index.html). Maybe, I’ve written the wrong paths?


  22. dan1020 says:

    I was getting the Error #2032: Stream Error when using POST but not when using GET. When I removed request.contentType = “text/xml”; the POST started working.


  23. I get this when I try to play a game called cat rescue on facebook. But the weird thing is my daughter plays the game on the same computer with no problems. That doesnt make sense, I have copied and pasted the url after she gets in but still no luck for my name to log into the game.


    1. Judah says:

      You would want to contact the game company in this case. Something is getting blocked. If you have Ad blockers that would be the cause. You can usually whitelist the site and it solves it.


  24. Asdfhgh11 says:

    hello! i got error if i opening facebook and game, O_O and i dont know why its can be got error #2032 can you help me? thanks 🙂


  25. -BTK- says:

    I just upgraded my OS X from Snow Leopard 10.6.8 to Lion 10.7 since then I’ve been having trouble trying to stream videos online. The video will load but then within a minute or two the video window goes blank with the message:

    {“Error”: “404 not found”}

    I’m thinking it could be an issue between Mac and Adobe Flash but I’m not sure.
    Why would it start working then all of a sudden say the website is not found when it just found it 2 mins earlier?
    This is very annoying.
    Any help on how to fix this would be appreciated.


    1. Judah says:

      What version of Flash are you using? I would make sure you have upgraded to the latest version. Also, check if you have ad blockers installed to disable them and see if it makes any difference.


      1. -BTK- says:

        I’v upgraded to the latest version of Flash Player. I’ve even tried using different web browsers: Safari, FireFox, and Chrome. The results are always the same, the video plays for a few mins and then the blank screen with the error message pops up.

        I looked into the setting and as far as I know all the pop up settings are turned on to allow pop ups and java, unless there is other setting that are hidden somewhere else.


      2. Judah says:

        Do you have a link to the video? Try going to a coffee shop and if it works there then it may be your ISP blocking certain types of traffic. I would also try download helper plugin for Firefox. What I think is happening is the video player is trying to pull in an advertisement and you may have an ad blocker installed or the ad link is broken, and this causes the error to appear. You can install a Firebug in Firefox and open up Network view. It will show you what is happening as you watch the video and if another call is being made to a file that doesn’t exist or is blocked.


  26. -BTK- says:

    I’ll try some of those suggestions. The sites I usually go to are:
    Project Free TV and to stream movies and TV shows.


  27. The New Mr says:

    I got this 2032 error because I was missing the extra swf files needed (such as framework_4.6.0.23201.swf etc).

    I noticed this by using chrome dev tools and getting a 404 error.


      1. monkeypunch3 says:

        I’ve heard of some people doing a type of rain dance but that hasn’t worked for me. If you are using Firefox you can install the Firebug extension. Once installed you can open the network panel and see what files have loaded or failed to load. In that list you should see the name and location of the SWF that is not loading. Firebug: Network Traffic panel:


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